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How can your team assess the security of new apps at scale?

Engineers are writing more code than ever before. Assessing new applications for security threats and risks is a critical challenge for security and architecture teams.

Yet, automated approaches generate too much data to be useful, and don’t cater for the nuances of business risks and real-world impacts.

Find out how our threat modelling platform has allowed us to achieve effective risk capture and management at scale for our customers across financial services and medical research. You’ll also see how you can adopt this platform for your own team and achieve the same results and reduce team stress.

Is your organisation developing and releasing new applications? do you understand their attack surface and the risks they pose to your business?
If not, get in touch.

CTOs of technology businesses come to us when...

They need to protect their most important assets for business growth (their technology and the brand behind it).

They are unsure about whether their current security efforts are reducing security risk, and where that risk is.

Frustrated with the dense jargon many consultants/vendors use and the confusion it creates.

They need the efficiency and scale of technical solutions and also human-delivered advice.

Secure your future today!

Threatplane are cyber threat modelling specialists. Started by an ex-hacker, our team has seen the whole spectrum of cyber risk. Our mission is to help businesses thrive despite the threat of malign hackers on the other side of the world, and navigate emerging cyber regulation.